Painting Classes for Adults


Beginning/Intermediate Watercolor Painting
A-210 – Begins 9/8/16, Ends 10/13/16 - Register Online
A-211 – Begins 12/1/16, Ends 1/19/17, No Class 12/22, 12/29 - Register Online
A-212 – Begins 2/9/17, Ends 3/16/17 - Register Online
A-213 – Begins 4/13/17, Ends 5/18/17 - Register Online
A-214 – Begins 6/8/17, Ends 7/13/17 - Register Online

6 Thursdays, 12:30 – 2:30 pm, Room 102
Instructor: Sharyn Mlinar

Let’s explore the versatility of watercolor!  Beginners will be guided though lessons that teach basic techniques.  More experienced students will have the opportunity to work independently with feedback from the instructor and other students.

*Supply list available the first day of class.  
Cost: $108 (Cost for Members: $86)

Beginning/Intermediate Oil Painting
A-230BEG - Begins 9/24/16, Ends 10/29/16 - Register Online
A-230INT - Begins 9/24/16, Ends 10/29/16 - Register Online
A-231BEG - Begins 12/3/16, Ends 1/28/17, No class 12/24, 12/31, 1/21 - Register Online
A-231INT - Begins 12/3/16, Ends 1/28/17, No class 12/24, 12/31, 1/21 - Register Online
A-232BEG - Begins 2/18/17, Ends 4/1/17, No class 3/4 - Register Online
A-232INT - Begins 2/18/17, Ends 4/1/17, No class 3/4 - Register Online
A-233BEG - Begins 4/22/17, Ends 6/10/17, No Class 4/29, 5/27 - Register Online
A-233INT - Begins 4/22/17, Ends 6/10/17, No Class 4/29, 5/27 - Register Online
A-234BEG - Begins 7/1/17, Ends 8/12/17, No Class 8/5/17 - Register Online
A-234INT - Begins 7/1/17, Ends 8/12/17, No Class 8/5/17 - Register Online

6 Saturdays, 11:00- 2:00 pm, Room 102
Instructor:  Frank Dale

Learn introductory classical oil painting using the Flemish technique in this unique class.  Whether you are an experienced oil painter wanting to learn a new style of painting, or wanting to learn a new medium by an acclaimed artist this class is for you. Class participants will share in the experience of painting an image emphasizing Flemish painting techniques. The finished painting will have a finely rendered classical appearance and be ready for framing. Don’t have oil paint materials, no problem! Each participant is required to use Frank Dale’s personally picked materials for this class.

Beginning Oil Painting 
       For first time students taking the class.
       Class price includes class materials and kit worth over $136 which you keep when the class is finished.
       For 18 hours of class instruction:  Cost: $86 (Cost for Members $69) +$136 for materials = 
       Cost: $222 (Cost for Members $205)

Intermediate Oil Painting 
       Prerequisite (Beginning Oil Painting)
       For returning students, please bring your kits to class on the first day.
       Class price includes $80 worth of materials.
       For 18 hours of class instruction:  Cost: $86 (Cost for Members $69) +$80 for materials = 
       Cost: $166 (Cost for Members $149)

Acrylic Portraiture Painting

A-200 – On 11/2/16 - Register Online
A-201 – On 1/18/17 - Register Online
A-202– On 3/1/17 - Register Online
A-203– On 4/26/17 - Register Online

1 Wednesday, 4:00 – 8:00 pm, Room 101
Instructor: Kit Palencar

Out of the billions of faces on this earth, the art of capturing a likeness and personality through the application of paint is a challenging one. Learn how to paint a living portrait from the beginning drawing to the finishing touches. Painting experience appreciated, but not mandatory. Freedom of expression also welcome. 

* Students should bring at least two or three photos to choose from that include a neutral background and a good/strong sense of lighting to show value and form. Images should be printed out on 8.5x11 standard printer paper.  Also bring a black and white copy to examine value and shape.
* Bring a packed dinner and we will take a break during the workshop

*All supplies provided
Cost: $48 (Cost for Members: $38)

Watercolor Design Workshop
A-300 - June 13- 16, 2017 - Register Online
Tuesday - Friday: 9:00-4:00pm, Room 102
Instructor: Ted Lawson
For all levels, beginners should have some art experience, 18 years and up

A studio workshop, led by Ted Lawson, that explores the practical use and implementation of design principles while working with a combination of watercolor and other watermedia paints. The workshop provides the design basics for all types of painting, and is actually the grammar of art. Emphasis is on working with the elements and principles of design, while using conventional collage techniques and powerful digital collage available through the use of computer software. Students will be encouraged to imagine a story that their own photographic references inspire involving the figure and the location and the natural design in reference materials. Conventional and digital collage are the tools to build the story into personal dialogue for the viewer to enjoy. Students will receive plenty of personal attention, coaching and painting time. Tech savvy student artists are encouraged to bring laptop computers and photo software for some hands-on digital collage experience. Students are to bring their own personal photography or other acquired photos and snap shots to reference. Include posed and un-posed figures, architecture and landmark locations. Look for everyday scenes of walkers or cars or other familiar objects to be placed in foreground or background. Include photos of familiar places or places that you would like to visit.

*Detailed list of student materials will be emailed one week prior to start date.
Cost: $250 (Cost for Members: $200)
Daily lunches are included

Need hotel reservations?  Mention that you are with the Canton Museum of Art at the MicKinley Grand Hotel for discounted rates!

CMA Uncorked
Come enjoy wine, music and friends while creating a personal masterpiece!
We make painting easy and exciting. Our talented local artists will instruct you step-by-step through re-creating the featured painting. Whether you are an aspiring artist or just looking to explore your creative side, you are sure to go home with a painting that is uniquely yours!

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