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Mail Art From All Around the World



Canton Museum of Art did not know exactly what it would get when it put out a call for artists to mail in small pieces of artwork. The museum ended up with far more than it expected: over 250 submissions. 

CMA received paintings, prints, collages and even rubber stamps in its art call. All the work answered the question "What do you love about where you live?"

"Things from Africa or Australia, China, Japan, Finland, Germany Greece, India. It's really been amazing," Director of Marketing Rob Lehr said. 

Many submissions came in from all over Ohio, as well, with much of the work around the size of a standard postcard. 

"We're giving opportunities for people who live in small towns somewhere that never even knew the Canton Museum of Art existed, but we're giving them this opportunity to exhibit and communicate with people in our community." 

The International Mail Art Call was part of the museum's World Fair event on Saturday February 10. 


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