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Japanese Tie Dying Workshop

All Skill Levels

Begins 06/10/2018, Ends 06/10/2018

1 Sunday, 1:30pm-4:30pm

Room 101b

Instructor: Kathy Krisher

Shibori is the traditional Japanese art of tying, folding, or pleating fabric, then dying it to produce a unique color and texture on the fabric.  Shibori offers a surprising array of binding methods for a "resist".  We will explore some of these techniques, including wrapping, stitching, clamping, binding, folding, twisting and turning the fabric around a resist.  Throughout the day, students will have the opportunity to produce a series of experimental samples exploring a variety of ways to manipulate the fabric, dye it, and heat-set it.  Students will then have the opportunity to create a silk scarf using the technique of their choice.

*$30 worth of materials included in class cost
*Deadline to register: 06/08/2018

(Cost for Members: $56.00)
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