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Museum-To-Go Program

Bring the Museum Inside your classroom 2017/2018!

Connect your students with art like never before with Museum To Go! Sign up for 3 FREE, interactive classroom experiences that will ignite imaginations while making exploration, discovery, and learning fun! When you partner with CMA, we will bring the Museum to your classroom through a virtual exhibit tour, an interactive and multidisciplinary lesson, and a hands-on art activity.


In a Museum To Go experience, your students will

  • Discover specific works of art and discuss their context and meanings.
  • Explore a current exhibit from CMA’s Permanent Collection through a Google Virtual tour, experiencing artwork in a museum setting.
  • Connect artwork with themes relating to cross discipline Common Core standards.
  • Engage in an experimental, hands-on art activity or project relating to themes explored in both the artwork and the academic standards.

As a teacher utilizing Museum To Go, you will  

  • Spark critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, communication skills, and character development in students through the creative exploration of art in the classroom.
  • Gain access to lesson planning and CMA resources online to prepare for a MTG visit, and to reinforce subject matter after the visit.
  • Appreciate the flexibility of scheduling an in-class visit year round- and prepare students for a visit to the Canton Museum of Art to experience art firsthand.
  • Relax and have FUN! Our trained Art Educators will come equipped with lesson plans, portable technology, and all necessary materials for your MTG!

What you need to know:

  • The program is FREE and open to all Stark County 4th grade educators! 
  • Each of the 3 lessons will connect works from the CMA to curriculum from various subject areas, and align with Ohio’s 4th grade standards.
  • Placements are available on a first come- first serve basis.
  • Schools are encouraged to schedule field trips to the museum to see the artwork firsthand. All works in the CMA permanent collection can be enjoyed online after MTG visits as well!

To participate please complete the simple online survey at:  Museum to Go Survey


2017/2018 Museum to Go Educator Packets and Virtual Gallery Tours

Salon Style Stories

  • Download the Educator Packet "Salon Style Stories" for 4th Grade Students
  • Download the lesson images- Salon Style PowerPoint
  • Visit the companion Vitual Gallery Tour: Salon Style: Works from the Permanent Collection Vault (8/10/17 – 10/29/17)



Fire and Water

  • Download the Educator Packet "Fire and Water" for 4th Grade Students
  • Download the lesson images- Rule of Thirds PowerPoint
  • Visit the companion Vitual Gallery Tour: Fire and Water: Works from the Permanent Collection (11/23/17 – 3/4/18)



What's Your Angle


If I Had a Hammer

Frozen in Fire: Ceramics from The Permanent Collection (11/25/16 – 3/12/17)


Great Migration

  • Educator Packet: "The Great Migration" for 4th Grade Students
  • Visit the companion Vitual Gallery Tour:
  • In Praise of Women: Works from the Permanent Collection (4/29/17 – 7/23/17)

Contact Rachel Smith, Museum to Go Coordinator, for more information about this program at 330-453-7666 x107 or  

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