Our Spring/Summer Exhibitions are on-view NOW - 7/24.

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The CMA is open 6 days a week, closed on Mondays,

and offers FREE admission every Thursday from 10am-8pm,

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Museum To Go Program

Bring the Museum Inside your classroom 2021/2022!

All 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade teachers: Connect your students with art like never before with Museum To Go! Sign up for 3 FREE, interactive virtual classroom experiences that will ignite imaginations while making exploration, discovery, and learning fun! When you partner with CMA, we will bring the Museum to your classroom through a virtual exhibit tour, an interactive and multidisciplinary lesson, and a curriculum based hands-on art creation activity. See all of the details below and get your class signed up for Museum To Go!

This program is funded in part with grants from . . .

2021-2022 Museum To Go Registration



Enjoy the Virtual Tours and Educator Resources Below in Your Classroom!

To check out our virtual tours, click on an exhibit in the window below. Exhibits have additional resources such as lesson plans and powerpoints available for download when you choose a tour. Use your mouse to click and drag through the gallery at your liesure. Use the arrows to check out different views inside our galleries. Don't forget to click on the blue images throughout to learn more about the art the CMA collection! 

Additional lesson videos are available for many of our past exhibits on our From Home Page under "Museum To Go: Take Out!"




  • The program is FREE and open to all Stark County 4th, 5th, and 6th grade educators!

  • Placements for up to 100 classrooms on a first come first serve basis.

  • Each of the 3 lessons will connect works from CMA to curriculum from various subject areas aligned with Ohio’s 4th and 6th grade standards.

  •  All works in the CMA Permanent Collection Exhibitions can be enjoyed online even after your MTG lesson! 


  • Spark creativity and critical thinking in students through unique exploration of art in the classroom.

  • Gain access to lesson plans and CMA resources online to prepare for a MTG visit and to reinforce subject matter after the visit.

  • Appreciate the flexibility of scheduling in-class visits year round.

  • Explore CMA Permanent Collection Exhibitions through a virtual tourwhich allows them to experience artwork in a museum setting.

  • Connect artwork with themes relating to social-emotional development and cross-curricular learning.

  • Engage in experimental, hands-on activities promoting learning, creativity, and personal growth.

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