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Fire and Water: Ceramics and Watercolors

Do Fire and Water mix? They do at the Canton Museum of Art. An art museum is much more than a building. It isn’t built simply with bricks, mortar, and concrete. It is built with a love of art, a commitment from a community, and the hope that the works of art inside can inspire future generations. Through the Canton Museum of Art’s focus on American watercolors and ceramics, CMA has selected a unique identity among museums in Northeast Ohio. Building a strong, vital collection is central to living up to our commitment to the community, and building a lasting legacy for the future. And so, through the fires that built our ceramics, and the water that mixed with color on a palette, we build our collection, and we share these amazing artists and works to inspire visitors, both in the galleries and online. On view November 24, 2017 - March 4, 2018.

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