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Industry, Invention, and Progress (August 24, 2020 - October 25, 2020)


Industry, Invention, and Progress highlights the progressiveness of America and its innovations throughout history. Depicted in this exhibit are laborers, railroads, automobiles, coal yards, and more. City life and suburban life are also depicted, due to the heavy impacts of manufacturing. These themes are detailed through various styles of art, such as realism and abstraction.  Artists used these different styles and methods to portray specific feelings about their subject matter. Included in this exhibit are artists from our collection such as Lawrence Blazey, Arnold Boedeker, Emerson Burkhart, Carl Gaertner, and more. In addition to pieces from our collection are items on loan from Hoover Historical Center and William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum. Paintings created to be used as advertisements for Hoover vacuums will be on display, as well as other products that Hoover made, such as parachutes. On loan from McKinley are prints of workers inside of Timken Steel.  All pieces join together to create a cohesive look at how important the industrial revolutions and advancements are to our current day. 


Pictured above: Jim Koudelka, Strong Tea, 1997, Stoneware

Thumbnail image: Fred Yost, Fulton Street Dock, East River, 1948, Lithograph



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