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Art & Tech Fusion: Family Day

Begins 05/11/2024, Ends 05/11/2024





  • Digital Collaborative Wall Mural
    Center for Arts-Inspired Learning
    Contribute to a nature-themed digital mural in a collaborative art project led by artist Augusto Bordelois.

  • Virtual Reality Game Truck
    Columbus VR Game Truck
    Enjoy a mobile entertainment experience with multiple virtual reality gaming stations featuring art-related activities.

  • Augmented Reality Interactive Art Installation Cube
    Tracy Dawn-Brewer, AR Artist
    Step into a giant augmented reality cube and interact with a digital world that surrounds you from all angles.

  • Upcycled Circuitry
    Upcycle used electronic parts to create sculptures or wearable jewelry.

  • Squishy Circuits
    Akron Children's Museum
    Learn the basics of electrical circuits using conductive and insulating play dough in this fun, hands-on activity.

  • Animate Your Drawings
    Canton Museum of Art
    Transform your static drawings into dynamic, animated creations that leap off the page.

  • 3D Printing, Art, and Digital Fabrication
    //benitez_vogl (Marcus Vogl & Margarita Benitez, 3D Printing Artists)
    Discover how art merges with 3D printing and digital fabrication to push the boundaries of traditional and contemporary art forms.

  • Virtual Reality Pottery Wheel
    Canton Museum of Art
    Experience the art of ceramics in a new way by molding, shaping, and creating pottery using a virtual reality interface.

  • Augmented Reality Adventures with the Library
    Stark County Library
    Explore the library's technology offerings, including augmented reality experiences with Quiver coloring and a Merge Cube.

  • Chromatography Art
    Craft beautiful artwork by applying scientific principles of chromatography, blending technology and creativity.

  • Dr. Seuss Inspired, Light and Sound Enabled Vortex Cannon
    CHAMP Makerspace
    Experience the fun and whimsy of a Dr. Seuss inspired vortex cannon enhanced with light and sound effects.

  • Immersive Light, Sound, and Sculpture Installation
    Megan Wanderer, Light, Sound and Sculpture Installation Artist
    Immerse yourself in an aquatic-themed environment filled with light, sound, and sculptural elements.

  • Scavenger Hunt in Galleries
    Canton Museum of Art
    Embark on a scavenger hunt adventure within our galleries. Find clues and discover secrets to win a special surprise!

  • Insect Biomimicry In Technology Through Art
    United Titanium Bug Zoo, Dept. of Entomology, The Ohio State University
    Explore hands-on activities related to insect biomimicry in technology, including sculpting and water collection experiments.

  • Art and Selfie Fusion
    Canton Museum of Art
    Step into digital versions of famous artworks from our collection and create memorable, shareable moments with our magical digital photo booth.

  • CNC Created Artwork and Processes
    Dale and Danielle Krieg, CNC Artists
    Learn how CNC machines create diverse artworks from materials like wood, glass, and ceramics.

  • Tech Tablets and Art
    Massillon Museum
    Utilize technology to create art with iPad Tablets and have the option to email the creations to yourself.

  • Kinetic Movement, Color, and Sound
    Nicholas Nono, Music and Tech Artist
    Experiment with technology to create unique sounds and music through movement and color.

  • 360 Photo Booth in the Galleries
    Fun Booth Canton
    Capture dynamic 360-degree photos with family and friends in a unique photo booth experience.

  • Interactive AR Coloring Book Station
    Canton Museum of Art
    Experience the future of coloring with our augmented reality coloring book station, where your drawings come to life.

  • Food Truck
    BBQ Renegade
    Snacks, lunch, and refreshments for the whole family available for purchase.

Select your timed arrival time slot from the drop-down box below. Please register each adult and child as individual attendees. For example if you have 1 adult and 2 children please select 3.



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