Reminder:  Fall Exhibits' last day on-view is Sunday (10/20).  Be sure to stop by this week! 


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Variety Club

hi Erica! would our group also be free on other days similar to the thursdays admission prices? if yes, we might want wed the 6th.


Beldon Canton City Schools

Students with Autism, students with multiple handicaps


McKinley Senior High School

Students are all 17 and 18 years old. We are particularly interested in the art of Prof. Brent Kee Young as we are in a materials science class.


Lake Center Christian School

We would be coming from the Canton Ballet performance of The Nutcracker (which is supposed to end at 12:30. We would then need to get on the bus and drive, park, etc., so times may need to be somewhat flexible. We would need to eat upon arrival, then tour, then do the workshop. Please let me know if these times need to be adjusted. Also, we are a Christian school, so we would need to avoid nude art for this age group.


St. Peter Elementary

When would you like the payment for the Art Experience and how would you like the check made out?

Therese Penland


Rose Darling Church Group

Group trickled in on Thursday and Fred recorded them as free admission rather than checking the group in.


Canton South

Special needs students 9-12.



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