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Thinking with Animals (November 25, 2022- March 5, 2023)


Thinking with Animals brings together artists who use the animal in ceramic sculpture to think about complex ideas. Animals have been subjects in art and ceramics throughout history and across all cultures. They have been used as symbols, archetypes, and to speak to the human relationship with nature. Animals provide a way of examining ideas that may be difficult to discuss or understand through human subjects. 


The artists in this exhibit all have unique reasons for using the animal form to contemplate various concepts including society, gender and sexuality, current events, memory, and the human condition. Thinking with Animals showcases a diverse group of sculptors using animals to relate many different ideas.


The artists in the exhibition represents various gender identities, cultures, backgrounds, and career stages. They also use a variety of building techniques including slip casting, paper clay, solid building, hollow building, and mixed media. 


List of Participating Artists: 


Molly Allen

Crista Ames

Pavel Amromin

Rebekah Bogard

Kelsey Bowen

Ariel Bowman

Hannah Lee Cameron

Beth Cavener

Mya Cluff

Linda Cordell

Sarah Davey

Alanna DeRocchi

Natasha Dikareva

Shelsea Dodd

Morel Doucet

Katriona Drijber

Lukas Easton

Shauna Fahley

Alessandro Gallo

Julia Galloway

Steven Godfey

Donald  Guidoboni

Richard W. James

Ben Jordan

GV Kelley

Gunyoung Kim

Bethany Krull

Ben Lambert

Malia Landis

Calvin Ma

Kate MacDowell

Gustavo Martinez

Kelly McLaughlin

Peter Morgan

Nathan Murray

Emily Nickel

Sharon Norwood

Susan O'Byrne

Kyungmin Park

Adelaide Paul

Lindsay Pichaske

Taylor Robenalt

George Rodriguez

Erika Sanada

Nan Smith

Sara Torgison

Jason Walker

Stephanie Wilhelm

Travis Winters

Russell  Wrankle

Wesley Wright



Image Previous Page: Unable to Know, 2020. Taylor Robenalt. Porcelain, dark stoneware, underglaze, glaze, and luster. 20 x 15 x 22 inches. 


Above Image: Tug, 2021. Ariel Bowman. Ceramic, mixed media. 12 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches. 





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