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Resources on Japanese Art & Culture

Resources for More Information...

Follow the links below for more information on Japan and Japanese culture.

Stark County District Library's KIMONO AS ART Booklists
KIMONO AS ART bibliographies, organized for age of reader and special subjects. Books are available through library branches and can be reserved online.

Metropolitan Museum of Art's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
Select “Japan” in the column on the right to view a detailed timeline of Japanese history. Each period is illustrated with artwork and explained with brief, but thorough essays.

Web Japan with Japan Fact Sheets
Source of information on all aspects of Japanese history and culture, organized by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Highly recommended.

The Virtual Museum of Japanese Arts
"Walk" through online galleries of art, including painting, sculpture, prints, ceramics, textiles, and more. Each section includes an overview. Black-and-white thumbnails; click to view large, full-color images.

Kimono in the Victoria and Albert Museum's Collection
Excellent information on Japanese kimono. Browse column on left for more in-depth topics.

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