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Begins 02/10/2018, Ends 02/10/2018

Deadline to Register: 02-10-2018

1 , 05:00 PM-08:00 PM

Celebrate international art, music and food at CMA’s World Fair! Take a journey through the museum, discovering new cultural experiences at every turn. Enjoy performances inspired by international talent while creating unique souvenirs using traditional folk art techniques. Mail Art will be on display from our international mail art call featuring handmade works from around the globe. From the gardens of Japan to the petite desserts of France, join us as we celebrate international culture at the Canton Museum of Art.  This event is free and open to the public.

Some of the free activities include:

*Travel to Israel without Leaving Canton - explore a virtual reality tour of Israel, get your photo taken in this beautiful country, and make your very own Israeli art
*Bachata lesson – learn this traditional dance style from the Dominican Republic
*Sumi-e ink Painting – watch demos and make one of your very own Japanese paintings
*Hula Fusion – travel to the Polynesian Island while watching an expressive dance routine
*Family Trees – explore your own roots with the Stark County Genealogical Society
*Mail Art - gain inspiration from our International Mail Art display and make some mail art of your very own
*Irish Step Dancing - explore Irish culture and dance through this interactive performance
*Experience Bhutanese Culture - immerse yourself in the beauty of traditional Bhutanese dress and music
*Guatemalen Worry Dolls - release your stress and worry with this Guatemalen inspired make-and-take craft
*6th Street Yoga - explore the ancient practice of yoga, as it originated in Northern India
*International Gifts – Shop fun handmade World Fair items in the Artisan Boutique
*International Inspired Snacks - tantalize your taste buds with food available for purchase


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