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Drafting Dimensions: Contemporary Midwest Ceramics (May 3, 2019 - July 21, 2019)


Experience American ceramics in a bold new exhibition. Five acclaimed artists push the boundaries of clay sculpture with dramatic design, color, and form often inspired through painting, drawing, or printmaking. Drafting Dimensions lets you discover the creative process and the expression of ideas in vivid new fashion. 


"Drafting Dimensions" features artists who live in the Midwest and primarily make work in ceramics but also use painting, drawing, or printmaking as either a part of their design process or as a way to inform their work.


Artists who make work with ceramics often find themselves pigeonholed by the material. Pre-conceived notions of what the purpose or use of what an object is or might be abound. The motivation behind this exhibit is to push beyond the traditional thought process for clay and to embrace a more modern approach of using the material as a way to communicate a message or form more than any purpose or use.


All of the artists included in "Drafting Dimensions" are widely know for their clay work. However, they often use, make, and show work made from other materials and sources. This exhibit seeks to give a more complete picture of each individual artist and their studio practice.


-Anderson Turner, Curator


The artists featured in "Drafting Dimensions" include Malcolm Mobutu Smith (Work pictured above), John Balistreri, Lesley Baker, Peter Christian Johnson, and Future Retrieval by Katie Parker and Guy Davis.


On view May 3, 2019 to July 21, 2019


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