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Japanese Book Binding Workshop

All Skill Levels

02/22/2018 - Register

Begins 02/22/2018, Ends 02/22/2018

1 Thursday, 1:30pm-4:30pm

Room 101a

Instructor: Betsy Begue

The traditional Japanese stab bookbinding technique has a simple, contemporary appeal and it's excellent for beginners. In this book making class, students will use decorative Japanese paper, book cloth and text sheets to construct two examples of Japanese Stab Binding. Techniques are simple enough for beginners, yet interesting enough for those more familiar with paper arts. Book sizes are 6.5” x 5.5” and 9” x 3”. Waxed linen thread and wooden beads will add decorative accents. Students will leave class with 2 books and basic instructions to repeat the project at home!

*Cost includes all supplies
*Deadline to register: 02/20/2018

Cost: $35.00 per person (Cost for Members: $28.00)


DIY Animal Paper Craft Workshop

All Skill Levels

05/01/2018 - Register

Begins 05/01/2018, Ends 05/01/2018

1 Tuesday, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Room 101a

Instructor: Amy Brown

Take a trip through the galleries with instructor, Amy Brown, as she guides you to gather inspiration from the exhibit African Menagerie - The Inquisition. Pick from a variety of animals to choose from or pick one of your own. Learn how to get creative with paper cutting and geometric design to create a whimsical animal portrait good enough to hang!

*Cost includes all supplies
*Deadline to register: 05/01/2018

Cost: $15.00 per person (Cost for Members: $12.00)

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