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“You are what you bring with you...”

MAY 2- JULY 19, 2023!

The Canton Museum of Art announces the launch of “You are what you bring with you...” a community art project designed to share the stories behind our personal journeys and unique definitions of what “finding home” means.

Inspired by the words and illustrations of artist Yuyi Morales, "You are what you bring with you..." is a collaborative school and community art project designed to celebrate our individual journeys of finding a place we call "home" and the rich cultural heritage and traditions brought by immigrants and migrants to the United States.

Morales is one of the featured artists and book authors in CMA’s art exhibition, "Finding Home: Four Artists' Journeys," showcasing visual memoirs exploring immigration, cultural heritage, and personal journeys. The exhibition features the work of master illustrators that bring the immigration experience to life, giving voice to the emotional complexities of traveling to America and adapting to a new world. 

As Yuyi Morales says about her book “Dreamers,”- "My book celebrates what immigrants bring with them to the U.S., they bring their strength, abilities, talents, and passion.  It was not what I left behind, it was what I brought with me, my young child, the stories of my ancestors, the fabric my mother sewed." 

Our goal is to foster empathy and understanding within our community by promoting unity through diversity and shared experiences. By sharing Yuyi’s story and your own, we hope to foster a greater sense of understanding while celebrating the diversity and richness that immigrants bring to our community.


Students and adults from Stark County and the surrounding areas are encouraged to participate which will include a free education guide, submission form, a community art installation in the Canton Museum of Art lobby, and a chance to win one of 10 backpacks full of art and writing supplies to help you record future journeys! 


If you only had a backpack to carry… What personal items, memories, or experiences did you or would you bring with you on your journey to find home?  Below is a link to a companion education guide that delves into this big question and gives more insight into the project including a simple submission form you can print. Show and tell your answer through art, drawings, paintings, and even photography. The only limit is the size of the submission and your imagination!



Submissions will be accepted from May 2- July 19, 2023.

  • Submissions must be created on the submission form and fit within the letter-sized paper.

  • To be entered into the drawing to receive a backpack full of art materials and writing supplies, simply check the box on the back of the submission form.

  • Any materials may be used and must be securely attached, non-toxic, and safe to touch.

  • Individuals are encouraged to bring in, mail, or email your submission forms directly to the Museum.

    Attn: You are what you bring with you…
    Canton Museum of Art
    1001 Market Ave North
    Canton, OH 44702 
    Erica Emerson

*PLEASE NOTE: All artwork and written submissions turned in for use in the “You are what you bring with you…” community art project will become the property of the Canton Museum of Art, and will not be returned to the maker at the end of the exhibition. By turning in your submission, you are agreeing to social media and web documentation as well as possible publication of your work and any written material accompanying it.


Watch the video posted on Friday, July 21st, at 6pm on social media. View the completed collaborative art installation, learn more about the project, see the winner's artwork, and more!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS: Valerie Leon, Felicity Gore, Henleigh King, Binta Meaye, Jody Hiles, Tristan Warren, Kayla Schwendeman, Hensley Wagner, Aliya Brownfield, and, Michael Herold.



Generous support for this project provided by:

For more information please contact:
Education Director, Erica Emerson, erica@cantonart.org


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