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Room 103

Begins 12/31/1969, Ends 12/31/1969

1 , 07:00 PM-07:00 PM

(Cost for Members: $35.00)

Canton Medical Education Foundation

12-1 bringing packed lunch in room 101 - $15 pp for special program, free tour


Canton Medical Education Foundation

Jennifer you are all set with Amy with our Art for Health and Healing Coordinator:

It will be $15 per person for the two hour workshop from 1:00-3:00pm due at the front desk when you get here.

Classroom space is available for free for tour groups in room 101 before your visit. Sometimes the courtyard is open and setup which your more than welcome to use if there is nothing else booked but to guarantee a space in the courtyard you would need to setup and pay for a rental with our rental coordinator Emily Callan


art for health and healing

Gail will be using the room for sup.


Art for Health and Healing

gail will be using the room from 4-6



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