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CMA From Home: Curator's Couch, Museum To Go Take Out, and Art Therapy Relaxation Sessions

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We invite you to enjoy our CMA's "Curator's Couch"! Kaleigh, our Curator of Collections and Registrar, has reached out to several artists from CMA's Permanent Collection and will be sharing interviews and behind the scenes looks into their processes. Christy, our Curator of Exhibitions, will be guiding us through exciting sneak-peeks of our upcoming exhibits.  Click on links below to access videos and more! 


Artist Profile: Merv Corning

Where he’s from: Solvang, California
His medium: primarily watercolor but also worked in acrylic, oil, graphite, lithograph

Spotlight from our upcoming exhibit:

“Reflections: The Artistic Spirit of Merv Corning”- Merv Corning most enjoyed painting Victorian houses, still life, people and landscapes. Merv was drawn to the beauty of architecture and Victorian homes in and around Los Angeles. He was fascinated with architecture and personally designed three of the homes he and his wife Tula shared in the Santa Ynez Valley.


Link to his upcoming exhibit:…/reflections-artistic-spirit-mer…


Link to his work in our collection:…


Artist Profile: Thomas Roese

Where he’s from: Cleveland

His medium: A combination of graphite, colored pencil, and acrylic paint.


Behind the Scenes Video - Tour the Artist's Studio:


Back story on pieces:

Thomas Roese grew up in Brooklyn, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland overlooking the industrial Flats. His father was a factory worker, which exposed him to the lifestyle of the working class. All five of Roese’s pieces in our collection depict the industrial side of various places in Cleveland. “Cle Series: Escape with Ghost,” (click here for image: for example, shows us an old warehouse in the Flats. Roese rightly sees these places as part of the very being of Cleveland. He wrote: “The grit of the city has permeated into the fabric of the warehouse; into every brick, mortar joint, crevice, and crack. The grit is within, along with the sweat, toil, and perseverance of the workers responsible for the construction of this building.”


Why we added his work to our collection:

Roese’s work is important to our collection because it captures the history of Ohio’s industrial side and strengthens our connection to that part of Ohio.


Link to his works in our collection gallery:



Artisit Profile: Judith Brandon

Where she’s from: Cleveland
Her medium: A combination of ink, charcoal, and pastel

Behind the Scenes Video - Tour the Artist's Studio:


Why we added her work to our collection:
The Canton Museum of Art strives to collect work by innovative Ohio artists such as Judith Brandon. Her process is a unique combination of spontaneity and control, a balance that is reflected in the depictions of weather in her pieces. Weather is uncontrollable, and amidst the storm we look for things that we can control until the storm calms, the sun comes out, and balance is restored. “Golden Rule” is full of hope with what comes after the storm. Brandon’s work is monumental and expressive, with content and stories behind her pieces that everyone can relate to. There is something eye-opening and extremely relatable about Judith’s message in “Golden Rule” for us to take care of ourselves. This message might be important now more than ever. “Golden Rule” has been used in our Art for Health & Healing Program as well as our Museum to Go Program, as a medium to make connections with people.


Link to her work in our collection gallery:…


Link to her website:


Link to her Facebook:



The Canton Museum of Art presents Museum To Go: Take Out. This program, based on projects from CMA's 4th grade outreach program - Museum To Go, aims to connect students and families to the museum by featuring work from our permanent collection with corresponding art projects you can do at home.  Join Nyki, our Museum To Go and Education Outreach Coordinator, as she guides you though art activities - perfect for everyone!  Click on the links below for Nyki's video tutorials, and on the Virtual 360 degree links with corresponding lessons.  


Creative Roots Art Activity:

Creative Roots 360:



Spirit of Clay Art Activity: 

Spirit of Clay 360:



Geometry (Everyday People) Art Activity:

Everyday People 360:


Please enjoy the following audio "Relaxation Sessions" with our on-staff art therapist, Amy Hope, who coordinates our Art for Health and Healing outreach program. Remember to take some time for yourself and be mindful of your mental health. Click on the links below to begin your audio "Relaxation Sessions".


Art for Health and Healing:

In response to the growing need for expressive art therapy services in Stark County, Canton Museum of Art began the Art for Health and Healing Program. This unique hands-on program was conceived and developed by the CMA staff and local art therapy consultant, Gail Wetherell-Sack.


Group leaders and therapists from local service organizations use the museum’s exhibitions and art therapist-led experience in conjunction with existing therapeutic efforts as a way for their patients to visually express themselves and focus on positive life experiences. This program would not be possible without the lead sponsor, Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery.


Amy Hope is CMA’s Program Coordinator for the Art for Health and Healing Program. She grew up in Stark County and received her undergraduate degree in Studio Art at Ursuline College. Hope is an art therapist and licensed professional clinical counselor for the state of Ohio. She holds a master’s degree in Art Therapy from Ursuline College.


Relaxation Session #1:


Relaxation Session #2:


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