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Arden Riddle Wood Furniture Restoration Workshop

Deadline to Register: 12-31-1969

Have a beautiful piece of oil finish wooden furniture or even an Arden Riddle original and would like to keep it looking its best?  Inspired by the furniture on display in the exhibit Arden Riddle: Master of Mid-Century Design this special, free one-time workshop will teach you how to care for oil finished wood furniture and to deal with common rejuvenation problems such as water marks, minor nicks and scratches, light damage and more. Make your beloved oil finished wooden furniture come alive.

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St. Thomas High School

DA- Spoke with Christine, she will be emailing me more details as we move closer.
PER MAX- We do not charge them for this event.


Stark County High School Art Exhibit (March 20, 2019 - April 7, 2019)


Since 1991, the Canton Museum of Art has proudly held the Stark County High School Art Exhibition. Any high school in Stark County or connected with the Stark County ESC is invited to participate. Students have the chance to show their artwork in a gallery, sell their work, receive awards, and even win financial scholarships. Meanwhile, the public has the opportunity to marvel at the unbelieveable talent of students in our community - many of whom may go on to have careers in the arts.




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