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CMA Programs for Classrooms and Organizations

Interested in arts-based programming that aligns with the needs of your student-focused organization or classroom?! CMA has you covered!

The Canton Museum of Art offers a variety of in-person and virtual programs centered around past and current exhibitions, tying art to learning. We partner with schools, classrooms, and student-focused learning organizations to provide relevant, standard-driven content that fits the needs of multi-age learners exploring a wide-range of subjects. 

What to expect when CMA comes to your classroom:

Each experience with the Canton Museum of Art is multi-faceted to provide students with a fun, hands-on, and holistic lesson focused on multiple aspects of learning. We have a variety of programs to choose from below. Once you have chosen a lesson/s, a CMA Educator will come to your location and provide all of the supplies your students will need. Depending on the lesson, the educator may provide the class with a virtual tour of a museum exhibition along with your lesson. If this is the case, the educator will collaborate with you before their visit to figure out the best plan of action for properly delivering the virtual content to students. Don't have technology such as a smart-board or projector? Don't worry! CMA Educators have access to tablets and projectors that they are able to bring with them if necessary. 


Each CMA lesson is one to one and a half hours long, and includes virtual resources, additional resources for classroom teachers to continue integrating what students learn during their lesson into classroom curriculum, a lesson plan, class discussions, and a hands-on project. 


The cost of programming through CMA starts at $100 per session for groups of 30 students or less. 

How can I get CMA in my classroom?!

Check out our custom lessons below. Once you've chosen a lesson/s you're interested in fill out the brief survey below, and our Education Outreach Coordinator will reach out to you to begin building an unforgettable experience for you and your learners! 

Program Inquiry Survey


Available Programs

Lessons are tailored to 4th and 6th grade students however, lessons can be adjusted to fit the needs of learners at all grade levels! 


Collection Gems: Celebrating 85 Years of CMA

STEAM, Collaboartive Problem Solving, Engineering

"Let's Build A Tower" Educator Resource Packet

Industry, Invention, and Progress

Community-based, City Planning, Social-Emotional Focus

"Re-Imagined City" Educator Resource Packet

In The Garden: Nature's Beauty from the Collection

Social-Emotional Growth, Color Psychology, Personal Narrative

"Project Bloom" Educator Resource Packet

Creative Roots

Community Focus, Personal Experiences, ELA

"Creative Roots" Educator Rescource Packet

Windows Into The Past: A Place In Time

Biomes, Landforms, Earth Science

Download the Educator Resource Packet

Salon Style Stories

Personal Narrative,  Visual Narrative, Canton History

Download the Educator Resource Packet

If I Had A Hammer

John Henry, Storytelling, Personal Narrative

Download the Educator Resource Packet

Find Your Inner Animal

Animals, Wildlife, Geometry, Symbolism

Download the  Educator Resource Packet

Spirit of Clay

Scientific Method, Experimentation, Weathering and Erosion

"Spirit of Clay" Educator Resource Packet


Food For Thought

Advertising, Food Media, Opinion-based Writing

"Food For Thought" Educator Resource Packet

In The Parisian Salon

Optical Illusions, Op-Art, Math

"In The Parisian Salon" Educator Resource Packet

Every Day People

Lines, Angles, Community Art, Murals

Download the Educator Resource Packet

Fire and Water

Fractions, Rule of Thirds, Visual Composition

Download the Educator Resource Packet

In Praise of Women

Women's History, The Great Migration, Harlem Renaissance

Download the Educator Resource Packet

What's Your Angle?

Geometry, Angles, Composition

Download the Educator Resource Packet 




Pop Art, Portraits, Instant Photography, Self-Image

Download the Educator Resource Packet 




Figurative Sculpture, Body Language, Air-Dry Clay

Download the Educator Resource Packet


Op Art, Music, and Stress Management

Download the Educator Resource Packet


Appreciating Diverse Origin Stories Through Reflective Journaling

Download the Educator Resource Packet


Thinking About Women Artists As Game-Changers For (Re)Defining One’s Personal Best

Download the Educator Resource Packet

Lesson Plans & Classroom Resource Guides

Can't commit to an in-class lesson but interested in using CMA Resources? Click the blue links to access free Lesson Plans and Resource Guides for your classroom!

Art and the Animal

Download the Educator Packet

The Legacy of Ferdinand A. Brader: 19th Century Drawings of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Landscape

Download the Educator Packet

INTENT TO DECEIVE: Fakes and Forgeries in the Art World

Provided by: The Ringling Museum of Art, information on the exhibit, images, and lesson plans.

Download the Educator Packet

Waylande Gregory: Art Deco Ceramics and The Atomic Impulse

Download the Educator Packet


Examine the connections between math and art!

Download the Teacher Guide Book

Download the Student Work Book 

Joseph O'Sickey: Unifying Art, Life and Love

Information on the Artist


Lesson Plans

Sketchbook Resources

The St. John's Bible

Download the Educator Packet

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